Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to 2 Find Your Apartment! Who are we? is a site where you will find the latest rentals and apartments in Western New York. We are the sister site to 2 Find Your Home, the little sister actually. Whether you are a college student, an empty-nester looking to downsize, or anyone else who is looking for a rental property, we are here to serve! In addition to the latest "For Rent" listings posted by the community, you will also find an updated listing of apartment complexes in our area.

This blog will not only keep you updated on the latest events going on in Western New York, we will have a variety of tidbits and news that you can use.

This blog is interactive! If you have a question about 2FYA, can not find something you want on, or if you just want to say hello - post a comment here.

Do not forget about our print insert, included as part of 2 Find Your Home each Friday.

Remember, 2 Find Your Home is the only print publication with 7 days of open houses.
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